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The coaching relationship is centered entirely on the needs of the client. As your coach, I can assist you in achieving an increased sense of fulfillment and life purpose while maximizing your potential.  Together, we will explore your realistic options and which direction fits best for you and your life. We will face your obstacles and break past them as a team.


For today's parents, Christine helps her clients find their individual life purpose by discovering opportunities and balancing their lives to accomplish their life goals while raising their families.  As importantly, Christine specializes in providing advice to strengthen her clients’ lost self-confidence after an absence from the workforce, overcoming blocks from the past and managing their busy lives through proven time management techniques and flexible work options.  Read more...


For college students, Christine assists her clients in discovering and maximizing their full potential as a new professional.  For most of the past decade, she has worked with approximately 1,000 undergraduate students at George Washington University and Georgetown University to help them achieve a fulfilling career at graduation.  She has also taught workshops focusing on developing specific skills, a “Wall Street Bootcamp” workshop series, and a full-semester graded “Career Management Strategy” course to prepare students to successfully compete in the employment recruiting process.  Read more...


All potential clients receive a free initial consultation to ask questions, understand the coaching process and determine if there is a good fit for a coaching relationship. There is no obligation to continue after the initial consultation. Coaching sessions can be in person (if local) or by phone at designated times agreed upon by client and coach. Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes in length and generally once a week or twice a month to maintain momentum. During the first session, client and coach will agree on an estimated coaching period and preliminary topics. Confidentiality is always maintained. Nothing is ever discussed outside the coaching relationship.

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