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Image by Christin Hume

Careers For Moms

A workshop for mothers seeking to re-enter the workforce after an absence or finding more work/life balance in their careers.

•  Discovering potential career paths that provide balance and flexibility

•  Discussing current trends in workplace flexibility and relaunching resources

•  Identifying skills developed as parents that are transferable to the workplace

•  Addressing and closing the gaps in your resume

•  Rediscovering your professional confidence and understanding your value

Image by Jenna Christina

Finding the ME in Mommy

A workshop for mothers who are choosing to stay home with their children for the foreseeable future.

•  Discovering (or rediscovering) your own interests

•  Setting and keeping personal goals while parenting

•  Finding time for yourself/spouse and experiencing "quality" family time

•  Learning to have the courage to say "no" and take more ownership of your time

•  Achieving a calmer, more enjoyable life

Image by Arthur Osipyan

Surviving Life's Storms

A workshop for all adults interested in dealing with or preparing for challenging life and parenting situations.

• Finding inner strength in times of crisis and not ‘running on empty’
• Taking care of yourself so you can take care of others
• Creating a support system to rely on during stressful times
• Putting life in perspective as a journey with many phases
• Discovering a lasting purpose and building resilience in our lives

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