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This workshop is for anyone currently ready to return to work or up to five years in the future. Parents who are currently working, but are thinking about a career change with more flexibility are equally as welcome. The focus of "Careers for Moms" is to exchange experiences and discuss:

  • Potential career options and paths for parents seeking balance in their lives

  • Current trends in workplace flexibility

  • Skills developed as parents that can transfer to the workplace

  • Resources and tips for going back to work

  • Gaps in your resume and how to address them




This workshop is open to any working or non-working parent. The focus of "Finding the Me in Mommy" is to step away from career issues and discuss:

  • Discovering (or rediscovering) your own interests

  • Setting and keeping personal goals while parenting

  • Finding time for yourself/spouse and experiencing "quality" family time

  • Learning to have the courage to say "no" and take more ownership of your time

  • Achieving a calmer, more enjoyable life




This workshop is open to any working or non-working parent. The focus of "Time Management for Busy Families" is to exchange ideas and discuss:

  • Slowing down the fast pace to today's family life and find more "quality" family time

  • Establishing family priorities and making choices to reduce demands on your time as well as potential conflicts

  • Setting positive limits on your own commitments and your children's activities/social lives to avoid stressful over-scheduling

  • Balancing our desire, as parents, to provide the best opportunities for our kids with their individual abilities to handle stress


Christine Fruehwirth conducts all three workshops for various organizations throughout and outside the DC area. Please contact her to discuss or schedule a workshop.