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Surviving Life's Storms and Thriving in the Aftermath 


This book discusses the four stages of living that I have developed and identify as Surviving, Stabilizing, Emerging and Thriving.  In it, we will explore the distinct stages of the 'survive to thrive' journey and how to apply this framework to careers, marriage and relationships, and parenting.  I also include what it takes to be able to move through these stages by addressing what is holding you back and the need to heal inner wounds.  

I was inspired to write 'Surviving Life's Storms and Thriving in the Aftermath' because of my youngest son's incredible life journey the last five years as well as wanting to share my own story in facing one challenge after another during the past decade including losing loved ones, family estrangement, significant health issues and divorce.  This book includes stories and insights from individuals I have been blessed to know who can not only relate to, but in many cases, have moved through the four stages of living.  

My perspective is unique because of my 23 years of parenting, 20 years of career and life coaching experience, and 10 years of teaching college students.  My hope for this book is to help you achieve your full potential no matter what stage of life you are in, be in a sustainable thriving state going forward and then directly help or motivate others on their 'survive to thrive' journeys.

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